The ROAMies are a refreshing listening experience and an adventure for your soul. This fun duo/band's music is a playful marriage of Alexa James' hooky melodies, upbeat lyrics and unique vocals with Rory Partin's soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics fused into a one of a kind sound. After touring together, fans continually asked them to combine their sound into one. Honoring that request, The ROAMies was formed. Deeply rooted by their passion for travel, adventure and people, they’re a duo that you will definitely want to "follow," "like," and "subscribe" to as they ROAM around the world.

Alexa James has recorded several professional studio albums, has had a #1 song and five other Top 10 songs. She was named Hot Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year with the L.A. Music Awards. Rory Partin has also garnered a #1 radio single and has performed in over 30 countries. His soulful vocals and piano-based grooves leave you wanting more! They recently won the award for Best Theme Song in a Comedy at the LA WEBFEST and Best Soundtrack at the Maverick Movie Awards. They are currently in the studio working on their first album together and are looking forward to what this chapter will bring. Once you see this duo live, you will know this is just the beginning of an enjoyable adventure.

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